View Full Version : TVS Apache 180 RTR

Diquan Clusner
08-29-2009, 09:07 AM
I've been waiting a long time for this. No, not the TVS Apache RTR 180, a long-term motorcycle that I deeply look forward to. I had three machines on my list - the RTR 180, the R1S and the FZ16. The latter two are taking time to arrive, so in the mean time, I've put my name down for this RTR 180 that joins the fleet this month. It's going to have a hard life - it's been tested against the P180 this month already, and there're more stories that will make its life hell. But perhaps more significantly, it has the task of keeping my fickle faith as the Yamaha R15 arrives in the fleet.

What are my plans for it? Let's see. Task one will be to see how it goes with the TVS Racing Kit fitted; the kit itself is yet to be launched, of course. I would also like to fit the 180 into a few track days this year, if I can. Ideally, I would like to ride the thing down to the track, take the luggage off, put in the laps and then reload the luggage and ride back home. I think the bike can hack it. All it has to do is prove me right. Having a longterm motorcycle will also free me from the clutches of traffic somewhat, and finally, after an 18-month break, I think the missus will also get a chance to go for a two-up spin so a few riding weekends out cannot be ruled out.