View Full Version : Mercedes Benz with the iPhone

10-26-2010, 09:12 AM
When we speak of advances in the automotive industry, we consider the mechanical part or on-board computers, but in recent years a new trend has grown very interesting.

A few weeks ago, Mercedes Benz surprised everyone by launching a new iPhone application called Silver Star, which basically offers a tour of the best performances of the German Museum.


Now, the surprise is even greater given that Mercedes Benz Financial has confirmed the launch of a new program for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to make payments on your new Mercedes Benz car.

This application is targeted at customers who have a loan or lease with Mercedes Benz Financial, as it allows all real-time access to account status, make payments and other details about their vehicles.

Even for those who still do not have one model of the German mark, the program can be used to meet any car line company, find the nearest dealer and get directions to different destinations.

Reportedly, this free application is available on iTunes , but customers must first register on the official site of Mercedes Benz Financial for use.

This idea seems to be very good, considering that a recent study indicated that nearly three quarters of the Mercedes Benz use a smartphone and a third of them use Apple products.